Welcome to Level UP! A Mentoring Program created to enrich, extend, and enhance youths daily academic and personal  experiences. Designed to hold men accountable, while encouraging and empowering men to take their rightful place in their family, community, and the kingdom. 



Level Up is a mentoring program for men & youth, designed to enrich, extend, and enhance youths daily academic and personal  experiences. 
Created to empower and encourage men to take their rightful place in their family, community, and in the Kingdom. 
While, recognizing their power, accepting accountability, changing their beliefs men will foster the qualities needed to build and establish healthy relationships.
Men will transform their lives and change their destiny to walk boldly into their future, while realizing and living a purpose filled life in God's Kingdom.



Exceeding Your Expectations


Benefits of Being a Mentor

  • Improve communication and personal skills

  • Develop leadership qualities

  • Reinforce your own skills and knowledge

  • Increase your confidence and motivation

  • Engage in a volunteering opportunity

  • Enhance your CV

  • Increase your circle of associates/friends

  • Benefit from a sense of fulfilment and personal growth

Benefits of Being a Mentee

  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support

  • Learn from the experiences of others

  • Increase your social aconfidence

  • Become more empowered to make decisions

  • Develop your communication, study and personal skills

  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and life issues

  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction

  • Gain valuable insight into the next stage of your life/career

  • Make new associates/friends 


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The Answers You Need


Q.  What’s The Requirements To Be a Mentor?

A. Applicant mentors are required to:- Submit to a background screening
- Submit driver’s license or identification card- Complete a questionnaire and mentor agreement- Have 2 of 3 submitted references give favorable reference- Attend a Level Up training- Attend an in-person interviews.

Q. What makes a good mentor?

A. Mentors are stable, positive adult volunteers from the community who present support, resources, and companionship to youths in need. Mentors take all shapes and forms depending on the needs of the individuals in need of mentors. You don’t have to be the president or have had 5 kids of your own to be a good mentor. However, there are experiences and life skills you may have developed that make you a more desirable candidate to a child. The opposite could also be true.

Q. How many trainings do I have to go to?

A. Just one! We offer many opportunities for training as volunteers have all different schedules.

Q. How is a mentor matched with a mentee?

A. As mentors go through the clearance requirements process, they are invited to do an in-person interview with a coordinator, where the coordinator will make observations and notes based on the applicant’s experience, personality, presence, attitude, competency, emotional intelligence, and a wide range of other factors too complex and nuanced to summarize. Simultaneously, mentees are interviewed during the application process by coordinators who assess their expressed needs and desires. In combination with consideration for geographic relativity, communication, interests, needs, and other such factors, a compatible match is determined by a coordinator. The mentor will then be contacted about the potential match and given some information about the coordinator’s reasoning for the identified compatibility. The coordinator will then arrange a ‘match meeting’ per the availability of the coordinator and mentor.

Q. I know my role as a mentor, but what is expected of my mentee?

A. Mentees are expected to commit to spending their minimum 4 hours a monthly for six months with their mentor, and they are also expected to communicate if problems in the relationship arise on their end. We encourage mentees to do a lot of things with their mentors – develop goals, ask question, be on time – but for the most part, the relationship is not equal. Most important part of mentoring is recognizing greatness in your mentee and supporting and challenging them to walk boldly in their purpose.




Sandy Smith a Chaplain, Social-Entrepreneur, Domestic Violence Survivor/Advocate/Speaker.After, years of working in the community providing job placement for males. I was in a divine position to see these individuals in their most vulnerable state. Nonetheless, I was able to assist with like job trading, job placement, resources, and ministry.
However, I realized while I can help in these areas I could not teach a man How to Be a Man. This realization lead to the birth of Level UP Mentoring, a community/ evidence based program where Men can build Men. 
Through empowerment, mentoring, and accountability men can build each other.To take their rightful place in their family, community, and the kingdom while walking boldly in their destiny. Shortly after Level UP established a youth mentoring component into the program. Providing school aged and young adults with mentoring, tutoring, soft skills, job training/placement. Impacting, Influencing, and transforming communities one person at at time.



OPEN REGISTRATION-------------------------Please join Level UP for our next mentoring orientation, get information on the program and how to register to become a mentor/mentee. Hosted at the Villard Square Library 5190 N 35th Street Milwaukee, WI 53209 Wednesday January 23, 2019 5:00pm-7:30pm. 

 Registration is currently OPEN! Please register via website/email/phone 262-444-1961 or 414-716-6262

11414 W Park  Place Suite 202 Milwaukee, WI 53224 USA




11414 W Park  Place Suite 202 Milwaukee, WI 53224 USA



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